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Couples Work

My couples work creates a safe, non-judgmental container for partners to vulnerably show up and tend to their relationship. Through embodiment practices, honest dialogues, and boundaries exploration, I guide couples in enhancing communication, rebuilding trust and safety, and revitalizing emotional/physical intimacy. We peel away limiting patterns and armoring to help partners reunite with their authentic loving essences. From this grounded space, couples can heal rifts, align values/vision, and co-create thriving partnerships founded in mutual understanding and passion.


In the modern world, even the closest relationships can become strained by communication breakdowns, dwindling vulnerability, and disconnection. As an experienced dearmouring practitioner and relationship coach, Erick provides a compassionate, intentional space for couples to heal rifts, rediscover their authentic bond, and co-create thriving partnerships.

Erick's holistic approach helps couples enhance communication, explore vulnerability, and rebuild trust and safety. He guides partners through embodiment practices, honest dialogues, and boundaries work, empowering each person to freely express their needs, desires and boundaries. This cultivates mutual understanding, emotional intimacy and revitalized passion.

Whether struggling with lack of intimacy, betrayal wounds, diverging values or simply feeling "stuck" - Erick holds space for couples to release limiting patterns and reunite with their loving essences. His caring presence creates a courageous container where partners can vulnerably show up, be seen, and heal together.

Potential Areas of Focus:
- Communication skills & conflict resolution 
- Exploring intimacy, desire & pleasure
- Trust & safety building after infidelity/betrayal
- Aligning values, vision & life purpose
- Tantric/spiritual intimacy 
- Healthy boundaries & personal growth

Ultimately, Erick's mission is to help couples of all backgrounds and identities rediscover the deep soul connection that first brought them together. By tenderly opening armored hearts and peeling away relationship "armor", he guides couples to embody the unconditional love, passion and unity they crave.

Erick's greater vision is to shift relationship paradigms towards deeper authenticity worldwide. As more couples awaken their truest intimate potentials, they become beacons inspiring the next generation of harmonious partnerships - spreading more love across the planet, one united soul-union at a time.

If you feel the calling to reignite the spark, heal rifts, and nurture the thriving, intimate relationship you both desire, contact Erick today. Your revitalized couplehood awaits.

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