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A Men's Healing CIrcle

The Rising Suns is a men’s circle. We gather weekly to share our life stories, challenges, dramas, and traumas in a supportive and judgment-free space.

This is authentic men’s work in which we learn to accept ourselves fully. We embrace the whole masculine, giving voice to our thoughts, feelings, and impulses instead of repressing them. We express our personalities and celebrate our unique styles, gifts, and talents.

Often, guys are conditioned with “be a man!” and “don’t talk about it,” which pushes us into emotional isolation. Many men go through life without ever talking about what’s happening or how they feel. This can result in a pressure buildup that often results in burnout, blow up, or meltdown.

This group was created in response to this need: for brotherhood, for community, and for brave men to gather in times of increasing social volatility.

We do not discuss the details of what’s shared in the circle. Confidentiality is a primary value. In this gathering, we connect with our inner power and embody the Divine Masculine through speaking with an open heart, listening with an open mind, and connecting with the Divine.

We meet every other Tuesday night 630pm at Miller Wellness Center Carson City, NV

104 W Telegraph Street. Go upstairs. Open door. Last door on left


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